India > Szórakozás
&TV (And TV) is a Hindi language entertainment channel owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Launched as a General Entertainment Channel from ZEEL group from its "&" bouquet, it...
India > Hírek TV
10tv Telugu News channel emerges on the horizon as an alternative. An alternative for those who look out for serious journalism. 10TV is a 24-hour regional Telugu news channel started in March...
India > Szórakozás
4TV News and Entertainment Channel is an Urdu 24/7 News television channel, owned by 4TV Network. The channel is a free-to-air and launched on 18 April 2013. The channel is available across all major...
India > Hírek TV
6TV Telangana, a news channel exclusively for Telangana. 6TV Telangana focuses on the culture of Telangana dedicating to the struggle of Telanganaites and to the successful formation of Telangana...
India > Hírek TV
92NewsHD Live, Pakistan’s first HD Plus news channel brings you the crispiest live news, headlines, delineate and relevant updates, current affairs, viral news, trending news, religion, sports,...
India > Hírek TV
99TV news is biased - bias not towards a political group but biased in favour of people. The news of 99TV is daring, straight forward and biased only towards people. Using its unparalleled...
India > Zene TV
9x Jalwa is an Indian Classic Hindi music television channel, broadcast in India. The channel is owned by 9X Media. 9x Jalwa is India's Classic Channel, and Plays 1990s to 2010s Music in India. It...
India > Zene TV
Maharashtra's 1st Marathi Music Channel! 9X Jhakaas! Aai Shappath! 9X Jhakaas is the first Marathi music channel, broadcasting from Mumbai, Maharashtra. This channel was launched on 31 October 2011....
India > Zene TV
9X Tashan is a Punjabi language music channel operated by 9X Media who also owns 9XM, 9X Jalwa, 9x Jhakaas and 9XO. Channel was launched on 31 August 2011 and is now available on major DTH and cable...
India > Zene TV
9XM is an Indian pay television music channel based in Mumbai. The channel is owned by 9X Media, an Indian television business. 9XM's programming is focused on Hindi-language music videos. Bollywood...
India > Zene TV
9XO is an Indian English music television channel, broadcast in India based in Mumbai. The channel is owned by 9X Media, an Indian television broadcaster, owned by a consortium of private equity fund...
India > Szórakozás
A-Plus TV today is a symbol of quality television entertainment in Pakistan. With its reach and impact, A-Plus TV has forward looking vision that draws strength from the rich religious and cultural...
India > Hírek TV
A2z News UP is an Indian Hindi language news channel owned by A2z news up Network which is part of Living Media Group (A2z news up ). "A2z news up" translates as "Till A2z news...
India > Hírek TV
Tez TV also called Tez news is a 24-hour Hindi news television channel owned by the TV Today Network, and a sister channel of Aaj tak....


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