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Africa Magic is a collection of Pay TV entertainment channels that focus on African programming, most popularly Nigerian series and movies. Africa Magic, which started off as single channel of the...
Dél-Afrika > Szórakozás
BBC Brit is an entertainment subscription television channel featuring factual entertainment programming. The channel is wholly owned and operated by BBC Studios. Originally set to roll out...
Dél-Afrika > Helyi TV
BBC Earth is a documentary subscription television channel featuring premium factual programming. The channel is wholly owned and operated by BBC Studios. Originally set to roll out internationally...
Dél-Afrika > Helyi TV
Bop TV was a television station run by the former Republic of Bophuthatswana in Southern Africa. Commencing operations in 1984, it primarily transmitted imported programming, mostly from the US, in...
Dél-Afrika > Nyilvános TV
Cape Town TV is a community television channel that broadcasts in Cape Town, South Africa. It launched in September 2008 with a one-year, "temporary" license and thereafter won another such...
Dél-Afrika > Zene TV > Szórakozás
Channel O is a South African-based music channel which first started transmission in 1997. Its main concept is African music in Africa and the diaspora. Channel O can be accessed via DStv, a...
Dél-Afrika > Hírek TV
CNBC Africa is an African pay television network launched on 1 June 2007 and owned by CNBC and Africa Business News. It is headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg. The channel features programmes and...
Dél-Afrika > Életmód
Deen Channel, previously known as Deen TV, is a Lifestyle TV Channel based in South Africa which has an Islamic ethos broadcasting to a wide range of audience interest. The channels content covers a...
Dél-Afrika > Helyi TV
e.tv is the first and only privately owned free-to-air television station in South Africa. It is the fifth terrestrial television channel in the country, following three channels that are operated by...
Dél-Afrika > Hírek TV
eNCA is a 24-hour television news broadcaster, owned by e.tv, focusing on South African and African stories. The broadcaster became South Africa's first 24-hour news service when it launched in June...
Dél-Afrika > Helyi TV
kykNET is a South African Afrikaans-language television channel. Owned by pay-TV operator M-Net, it was launched on the DStv satellite service in October 1999. On 16 July 2014 DStv announced that...
Dél-Afrika > Helyi TV
M-Net (an abbreviation of Electronic Media Network) is a South African pay television channel established by Naspers in 1986. The channel broadcasts both local and international programming,...
Dél-Afrika > Helyi TV
MYtv broadcasts documentaries, educational, cooking, lifestyle and Afrikaans music videos content. The company producing the channel also produce TV adverts for advertisers and music videos for...
Dél-Afrika > Nyilvános TV
SABC 1 is a community public service South African television channel broadcast by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) which carries programming in English and Nguni....


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